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Our Waterproof, Baby, and Dog-Proof Floor
Julia, from the renowned lifestyle blog?Lemon stripes?discusses her home and why Mohawk SolidTech?Luxury vinyl flooring is the ideal foundation for her sunroom.
A gorgeous home is a top priority for me. I work on my blog from my home office, where I spend a lot of time both writing material and caring for my family. Because my job involves a great deal of creativity, I value having a calm, tranquil, beautiful, and clean environment.

The only problem with that? I have a toddler and a huge 90-pound dog! Calm and clean don’t come easily around here, so I need to make sure I set myself up for success with house decor.
The most recent amazing update we made was to install.Our sunroom, which receives the most traffic, features Mohawk SolidTech Luxury Vinyl flooring. It has been a simple approach to create a lovely area with no effort. Let me tell you how we made that decision.

When we initially purchased our home, we had no idea what to do with this bright but small room. We first used it as a dining room, then as a sitting room for guests, but it’s so bright and cozy that we eventually converted it into our family room/TV room. We spend a lot of time in the room watching movies, playing with the baby and dog, and my daughter is constantly crawling about, so we wanted the floors to be bright, comfy, and easy to keep clean.

The entryway to our backyard is situated in this room, and our dog, Boots, frequently tracks in water and mud before I can clean him off. The SolidTech floor has been fantastic for easy clean-up. Its Uniclic MultiFit technology ensures that it doesn’t absorb even trace amounts of liquid, preventing mildew formation. It’s also stain and scuff resistant, which is important for me because my dog enjoys playing, running, and jumping. It is practically mayhem at all times!
Another reason we chose SolidTech is that my daughter is learning to drink from a sippy cup and is frequently spilling/spitting water on the floor. I needed something that would not warp or stain from all the water!Finally, SolidTech flooring solved all of these issues while also being completely my style. It’s bright, attractive, and appears to be quite high-end. We chose the “Rainstorm” hue because it felt new and modern, and it brightened and opened up the area. It also matches the rest of the decor flawlessly!

I hope you enjoy these photographs of our newly constructed sunroom, which has quickly become my favorite space in the entire house!

Vinyl Flooring